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FDL Inventory v3.0

FDL Inventory is a Microsoft Access based software program that allows you to track, organize and report on your company's hardware assets and software packages in great detail. The powerful features, yet extreme ease of use allow this package to be utilized by the smallest organization, or by a much larger corporation with multi-site tracking and data synchronization needs.

FDL Inventory Synchronization Version

FDL Inventory Sync contains all of the features of FDL Inventory, with the addition of robust multi-database synchronization capabilities.   This ability allows for multiple FDL Inventory databases to pass hardware and software inventory and configuration data between them.  FDL Inventory Sync is the perfect solution for organizations with multiple sites that need the ability to report on hardware assets as a whole.

OptoMizer v3.2

OptoMizer was designed to automate the task of performing, compiling, and producing a complete lighting audit. The system allows lighting auditors and designers to collect and produce far more accurate and timely audits than those performed by hand.

Within OptoMizer, Lighting Designers can create comprehensive part libraries, create detailed design fixtures, and tie those design fixtures to actual part components and budget costs. Lighting Auditors can then create existing fixtures as found on the site, and tie those existing fixtures to the design fixtures. With this sophistication, reports can then easily be generated to produce accurate energy savings, budget costs and complete parts lists for an overall audit.

Within OptoMizer, a single audit can be cloned into separate 'Model' and 'Construction' audits. Once the initial audit has been performed, and the data has been collected in OptoMizer, the lighting designer can preserve the original audit design as the 'Model' audit, and clone the entire 'Model audit to a 'Construction' Audit. As the actual lighting retrofit project takes place, the 'as-built' changes can be made to the 'Construction' audit. This allows the designer to easily run comparisons between the 'Model' and 'Construction' audits once the project is complete.

Mechanical Energy Auditing v1.2.4

This Microsoft Access based software allows a complete mechanical energy audit to be performed and entered DURING the audit walkthough process utilizing a pen based tablet PC. All fields within the software have been pen enabled utilizing either the operating system's built in software keyboard, OR the Mechanical Energy Audit's built in software keyboard.

Capture all of your auditing data electronically in the field to reduce data collection errors and eliminate manual data entry from paper forms back in the office. Storing the audit data in a true relational database format allows for unlimited variations of data sorting and manipulation not easily done when utilizing paper forms or spreadsheets.

Thirty one included reports can be utilized to categorize, sort and print out the auditing data in a clear format for visual review and for project binders. A fully automated import utility allows for individual audits to be imported from one coyp to another, allowing for individual auditors to perform separate building audits, then easily combine all audits into a single copy of the software.

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