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FDL Inventory - Hardware and Software Inventory Tracking System

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What is FDL Inventory?

FDL Inventory is a Microsoft Access based software program that allows you to track, organize and report on your company's hardware assets and software packages in great detail. The powerful features, yet extreme ease of use allow this package to be utilized by the smallest organization, or by a much larger corporation with multi-site tracking and data synchronization needs.

Within the hardware inventory module, IT related equipment can be tracked in great detail to record who owns it, what location it is located at, what other equipment it is related to, and record what software packages are installed on it from the software inventory library. Those are examples of a very small subset of the hardware inventory tracking capabilities.

Within the software inventory module, software packages can be tracked in great detail to record numerous properties surrounding the software package and its purchase. Separately purchased software licenses can be recorded individually under the software package, as well as CD-Key's and serial numbers. Software licenses are summed to provide the total number of licenses purchased for the software package, and the software packages assigned to hardware records are summed to provide the total number of licenses in use. This information, including the list of individual hardware records that have the software assigned, are shown under the software package for ease of license compliancy and management.

What if my company is large and is made up of more than one location?

The Syncronization version of FDL Inventory (v3.0s) contains powerful, multi-database synchronization capabilities to allow a "distributed network" of FDL Inventory databases. With this functionality, IT administrators at separate locations within the organization can track their hardware and software inventory within their own copies of FDL Inventory, and synchronize their data to a centralized corporate FDL Inventory database for centralized management and reporting of ALL of the companys assets. Synchronization can occur over any WAN/GAN/VPN/Dial-Up where file access to the FDL Inventory databases are made available to the user.

What type of reporting is available?

FDL Inventory includes 30 parameter driven reports for the detailed reporting of your hardware and software assets. Reports include summary reports, listing every detail of a particular hardware or software asset; hardware listings grouped by a number of different fields, all parameter driven to provide maximum reporting flexibility; and software listings grouped by a number of different fields, which show software license compliancy at a glance.

In addition, FDL Inventory provides an "Ad-Hoc" reporting feature to allow the user to access the FDL Inventory database container directly. This gives the user the capability to create custom Microsoft Access based reports within the software package. The existing 30 reports and their underlying queries can be copied and modified into new custom reports using this "Ad-Hoc" reporting feature.

FDL Inventory - Detailed list of features:
Detailed database user and group security to control access and specific functions within the database system.
Location tracking in order to record and organize where an inventory item is located. This includes location addresses and phone numbers.
Employee tracking to record each corporate user that may be assigned to one or more hardware inventory items. This includes the Employee’s name, department, location, network login Id, and phone numbers.
Vendor and vendor maintenance option tracking in order to define maintenance contract vendors and their different levels of maintenance coverage available.
Software package assignment to record which software packages tracking in the software inventory module of FDL Inventory are installed on this hardware.
Detailed hardware inventory item tracking
Unique Inventory # / Auto Inventory Number Generation (Robust Customizable Alpha-Numeric Design)
Model #
Manufacturer selection
Serial Number
Detailed Equipment Description
Warranty Start and End dates
Location Assignment
Building / Floor / Room
Equipment Status & Class
Primary & Secondary user of the equipment
Date equipment was assigned to user
Complete user history to track use life of equipment
Billing Code / Order # / PO # / Equipment Cost
Maintenance Contract Vendor / Maintenance Option
TCP/IP Address / Network Card MAC Address
Order Date
System Unit designation
CPU / Hard Drives / Memory / Etc.
Complete maintenance history of equipment item
Equipment Relations – Allowing you to relate this hardware item to one or more other hardware items in the database (i.e. Computer related to a printer, keyboard, mouse and monitor)
Up to 15 highly customizable user defined fields.
Detailed software inventory tracking
Software Manufacturer
Software Title
Software Version
Software Description
Manufacturer Product Number
Order Date / Order Number / Software Cost
Hardware Platform Support / Operating System Support
Trail Software / Trial Expiration Date
Requires Hardware Key / Hardware Key Description
CD-Keys & Serial Numbers / Unlimited # of CD-Keys & Serial Numbers can be tracked for a software package
OEM License Number / Other License Number
Manufacturer URL / Support URL / Support Email
Manufacturer Phone / Fax Number / Support Phone
Software Class / Software Status
Location Assignment
Up to 15 highly customizable user defined fields.
Ability to customize all field and button labels as desired throughout the system.
Robust wildcard searching capability by:
Model #
Inventory #
Serial #
User Name
Secondary User Name
Equipment Description
TCP/IP Address
Order or PO #
User’s Phone #
Software Manufacturer
Software Title
Software Version
Software Manufacturer Product Number
Software Description
Software Order Number
Software Location
Software Purchased From
Software PO Number
Search for a record by a sorted list:
Ability to filter list by equipment class
Ability to open inventory record directly by clicking on a record in the list
Hardware and Software Inventory Summary Sheet printout
Parameter driven reporting with the ability to preview/print, or export the report data to an Excel spreadsheet:
Hardware Inventory Listing Between an Order Date Range
Hardware Inventory Listing By Assigned Software - By Software Manufacturer, Title And Version
Inventory Listing By Billing Code
Inventory Listing By CD-ROM Presence
Inventory Listing By Department
Inventory Listing By Equipment Class
Inventory Listing By Equipment Status
Inventory Listing By Hard Disk Model
Inventory Listing By Location
Inventory Listing By Location And Building
Inventory Listing By Location, Building and Floor
Inventory Listing By Maintenance Contract Vendor
Inventory Listing By Maintenance Contract Vendor and Maintenance Option
Inventory Listing By Maintenance Start and Maintenance End Dates
Inventory Listing By Manufacturer
Inventory Listing By Memory Size
Inventory Listing By Mouse Type
Inventory Listing By Operating System Version
Inventory Listing By Non-System Units
Inventory Listing By System Units
Inventory Listing By System Units with Notes By Location
Inventory Listing Sorted by Primary User Name
Inventory Summary Sheet
Software Inventory Listing By Location
Software Inventory Listing By Manufacturer, Title And Version
Software Inventory Listing By Software Class
Software Inventory Listing By Software Class
Software Inventory Listing By Software Status
Software Inventory Summary Sheet
Software License Listing By Manufacturer, Title And Version
Ad-Hoc report creation allowing you to create your own Microsoft Access queries and reports within the FDL Inventory database program. FDL Inventory included reports and their queries are open-source, allowing you to copy and use them as templates to create your own custom reports.

FDL Inventory Sync Version

FDL Inventory Sync contains all of the features of FDL Inventory, with the addition of robust multi-database synchronization capabilities.   This ability allows for multiple FDL Inventory databases to pass hardware and software inventory and configuration data between them.  FDL Inventory Sync is the perfect solution for organizations with multiple sites that need the ability to report on hardware assets as a whole.

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