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For existing customers familiar with the previous versions of FDL Inventory, the following outlines the new features that are now included with FDL Inventory v3.0

Feature Description
Software Inventory FDL Inventory now supports complete software inventory tracking. This now makes FDL Inventory a COMPLETE IT asset tracking solution for small and large companies alike. The capabilities of the Software Inventory system within FDL Inventory mirror the capabilites of the hardware inventory system within FDL Inventory. Included are 8 additional parameter driven reports that support the new software functionality within the system.
Software License Management & Compliancy Reporting Because FDL Inventory now tracks software inventory packages and their purchased software licenses, FDL Inventory provides the ability to assign the software inventory packages to hardware inventory records, allowing for automated license calculation and reporting. With a single click, you can now see exactly what your software license usage counts are, to determine license compliancy.
Software CD-Key & Serial Number tracking Within the new Software Inventory screen, you can now enter, organize, and track all of the CD-Keys and Serial Numbers that you have for each software package. These keys and serial numbers are included as lists on the Software Inventory Summary Sheet report, making new installation of a software package a breeze. No more looking for CD Cases or license documentation when an installation is necessary.
Auto-Inventory Number Generation on Hardware Inventory Records A customizable, robust auto-inventory generation feature has been added to the hardware inventory module to auto-generate inventory numbers for new hardware records as they are entered. No more guesswork on assigning inventory numbers to your hardware inventory.

This system, initially configured and controlled through an administration screen, gives you granular, complete control for crafting the exact alpha-numeric, auto-incrementing inventory number for your records. It can be configured as simple as an incremeting inventory number starting a '1', or as complex as four separate section designators + a placeholder masked incremeting inventory number starting at the number you designate + a database identifier to tag which FDL Inventory system the inventory record was generated in (valuable in multi-site FDL Inventory Sync implementations).
15 Highly Customizable User Defined Fields Both the hardware inventory and software inventory screens now contain a tab where 1 to 15 customizable user defined fields can be configured for display and data entry. The configuration and enabling of these fields is performed through an administration tool. Each of the 15 fields for hardware and 15 fields for software can be configured as a combo box, text box, or checkbox with a custom field label. Fields configured for combo box functionality will automatically inherit fast entry table functionality. In addition, fields configured as a combo box or text box can be configured for a specific data type and/or apply a field mask to control data entry in these fields. Default values can also be configured.
Sortable Columns in Hardware (and Software) Lists The list screen within hardware inventory (and the new software inventory), now contains sortable column headings. Simply click on a column heading once to sort in one direction (i.e. Ascending), and then click again to sort in the opposite direction (i.e. Descending).
Enhanced User Security Model The login id configuration screen within Administration has been redesigned to provide a much more comprehensive interface for granting and denying security options to FDL Inventory user accounts.
Enhanced Synchronization Features For our FDL Inventory Synchronization version customers, the synchronization system has been redesigned to use GUID (Global Unique Identifiers) values on all records for cross database record identification and syncing. In addition, the Master database system in a multi-database implementation can now control whether a Slave database can perform "cascading deletes" against the Master database during the syncrhonization process.

Of course, all new software tables, user defined fields, etc. that are now included with v3.0 are included in the synchronization engine.
Larger Screens! We have increased the resolution of all FDL Inventory screens to a larger size in order to display data more clearly on todays higher resolution monitors.
Removal of the Microsoft Access Client During Operation. We have formulated a system to essentially hide and remove Microsoft Access from behind the FDL Inventory screens during operation. This allows the FDL Inventory screens to now "float" freely as their own windows, complete with title bar and miminize / maximize capability. Now you can have FDL Inventory on your screen, and have other windows along side it for easy cutting and pasting, etc. We are very proud of this feature, and we think you will like it too!
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